Friday, June 30, 2006

"2008 Corner Store Straw Poll"

Another measure of early support for potential 2008 candidates is merchandise sales. This is an excerpt from what Hotline had to say on it:

If America is truly a market-driven society, then the sales at "Political Americana" in downtown Washington should tell us a little something about which politicians the voters are willing to invest in. The store, located on the corner of Penn and 14th, carries everything from full-size Ronald Reagan cutouts to Washington Monument trinkets. But it also carries a healthy stock of 2008 campaign paraphernalia (all home-made of course) and tracks who is leading what could be called the Corner Store Straw Poll.

Republicans were much more spread out: Condoleezza Rice was the fan-favorite. Her ’08 buttons outsold all other GOPers with 14% of the 239 sales. Also in the mix were Mitt Romney with 13% and Rudy Giuiliani, carrying 12%. Where was John McCain, you ask? At a meager 7%, fewer than rival GOP maverick Chuck Hagel (9%).

Sure, it’s just another straw poll. But it’s the only one we know about where voters actually put their money where their mouths are. [PATRICK OTTENHOFF]

9% is quite good at this point, I'd say.

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