Sunday, April 30, 2006

An Editorial on Immigration

The Omaha World-Herald has a nice editorial about immigration, which supports the Hagel plan.
Responsible Balance - If both sides on immigration furl their flags, they might see wisdom behind Hagel proposal.

Sober realism - a state not easily reached amid dueling cries of "racism" and "amnesty" - dictates that 11 million to 12 million illegal immigrants cannot simply be thrown out of this country. Their numbers ought not grow further, but those who are already here need to be assimilated or encouraged to go home and try to come back legally.

Read the full opinion piece here (registration required).

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"Hard Truth Cannonball"

The Delaware Grapevine has a nice piece on Senator Hagel's recent visit to Delaware to campaign for a fellow Republican.
Forget the "Straight Talk Express" from John McCain's presidential campaign. U.S. Sen. Chuck Hagel blew into Delaware on Monday evening with something like the "Hard Truth Cannonball."

"This election is going to be, I think, one of the most defining in modern times. It frames the presidential election for 2008," Hagel said. "We need to reflect a little on our leadership. That analysis is going to be forced on us. That's the way the world works. That's the way politics works."

He predicted these early years of the 21st Century would be as transformational as the time after World War II, but he saw opportunity if the party could produce "clear-headed leadership, very solid leadership."
Check out the whole story.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Six Priorities, revisited

Chuck Hagel sent a letter to his supporters last month that outlined what he considered to be six critical issues that we need to address as a nation. Click on the topic you'd like to see.

1.) Entitlement Reform
2.) Health Care
3.) Deficit Spending
4.) Energy
5.) Foreign Policy and Trade
6.) Immigration Reform

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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Senate Revisits Immigration

The Immigration issue is back in the news as the Senate has come back from their break and is back on the issue, with the starting point being the bill by Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez. President Bush got into the issue more than he has in the past as he met with Senators on the issue.
Sen. Chuck Hagel left a White House meeting with President Bush on Tuesday encouraged about the prospects for comprehensive immigration reform this year.

“I think this advanced the effort considerably,” Hagel said in a telephone interview after Bush discussed immigration legislation for more than an hour with 16 senators.

“This was the most engaging and direct exchange I’ve seen in my 10 years here between a president and members of Congress,” Hagel said.

Bush “really got into it,” the Nebraska Republican said. “He feels very passionately about this issue.”
From Hagel heartened by immigration meeting with Bush

Another good article discussed the potential 2008 Presidential candidates and the immigration issue.
Several potential 2008 GOP presidential candidates, including Sen. John McCain of Arizona, Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist of Tennessee, Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, and immigration hard-liner Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado, have staked out the highest-profile positions on the issue.
From the Green Bay Press-Gazette

The 2006 election

While here at Chuck Hagel for President we are more concerned with the 2008 election, Senator Hagel has been working towards keeping a Republican House and Senate in the 2006 election. Recently Senator Hagel was in Delaware supporting Republican Mike Castle in his reelection campaign.

Senator Hagel had this to say:
"I have always been impressed by Congressman Mike Castle's leadership in the House of Representatives -- he forms a bridge across the aisle on issues ranging from education and health care to ethics reform. This type of independence and dedication is what we need more of in the U.S. Congress and what Delaware needs in the House of Representatives. I am proud to call Mike Castle a colleague, a friend and a statesman."
From Sandhills
"Castle said he's pleased to have Hagel coming in because it gives Delaware Republicans a chance to get a closer look at a possible presidential contender."
Delaware Online also has a story about the visit, which the above quote is from.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Interest Group Ratings - Technology and Communication

Straight from Project Vote Smart: Senator Hagel's ratings by interest groups on Technology and Communication.

2003-2004 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Information Technology Industry Council 100 percent in 2003-2004.

2002 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Information Technology Industry Council 100 percent in 2002.

2000 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Information Technology Industry Council 100 percent in 2000.

1999 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Information Technology Industry Council 100 percent in 1999.

From Project Vote Smart
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Monday, April 24, 2006

Vote for Chuck Hagel in the April poll at The Next Prez

If you have a minute, go to The Next Prez and vote in their monthly poll on who should get the Republican nomination (and the other polls) in 2008. Chuck Hagel was in the top five last month and is currently in second place in this run off poll. Go and vote before the month is over (the poll is on the right hand side, part way down the page).

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hagel 2008 merchandise links

There is already Chuck Hagel 2008 merchandise out there, mainly in the form of bumper stickers and t-shirts. Buy and display proudly to support Chuck Hagel!

Vote for Chuck T-Shirt
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Chuck Hagel shirts, bags, stickers, and buttons
An amazing assortment of Chuck Hagel for President items

Note: None of these are sold through this site, these links all take you to external sites.
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No Child Left Behind

Here's a tidbit that 1) teachers, 2) states rights people, 3) and fiscal conservatives will like:

Senator Hagel voted against No Child Left Behind.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Interest Group Ratings - Property issues

The American Land Rights Association has given Senator Hagel a 100% rating for 2000, 2001, 2001-2002, and 2003.

From Project Vote Smart
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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Health Care

The following is from what Chuck Hagel wrote the letter mentioned an earlier post. Health care reform was one of his six priorities, and has been addressed on this blog previously.

“Health care is an issue that touches the lives of every American. As medical technologies advance and our population ages, health care will become increasingly important to maintaining American’s competitive position in the world. Last month, I created a health care commission made up of 15 prominent health care professionals from all sectors of the health care industry. The commission will review the current state of health care and present recommendations to develop a sustainable, accessible, affordable, and quality health care system for the 21st Century.”

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Interest Group Ratings - National Security

Straight from Project Vote Smart: Senator Hagel's ratings by interest groups on National Security.

2003-2004 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Center for Security Policy 82 percent in 2003-2004.

2003-2004 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the American Security Council 100 percent in 2003-2004.

2002 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the American Security Council 75 percent in 2002.

1998-2002 Senator Hagel supported the interests of the Center for Security Policy 65 percent in 1998-2002.

From Project Vote Smart
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Foreign Policy and Trade

One of Senator Hagel's strong points is his expertise and experience in foreign policy and trade. The following is from what Chuck Hagel wrote the letter mentioned in earlier posts. Foreign policy and trade was one of his six priorities.

“Our foreign policy has always been anchored to a strong national defense. However, the world’s problems will not be solved by the military alone. We must understand that the success of our policies will depend not only on the extent of our power, but forming consensus of common interest with our allies and friends around the world. We must inspire our allies to share in the enterprise of making a better world. One way we do this is through America’s continued leadership in the global economy. The United States must expand free trade agreements and encourage intra-regional trade and investment in developing regions. During times of uncertainty and change, countries are tempted to close markets and protect domestic industries. Americans are not immune from this and have in the past sought refuge in an insular political tradition that has contributed to isolationism at home and instability abroad. These temptations must be resisted, and hard-earned lessons should not be forgotten.”

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Interest Group Ratings - Military Issues

Senator Hagel was an enlisted soldier during Vietnam and also was in the Veterans Administration under President Reagan. Here are his ratings by interest groups on military issues.

Non Commisioned Officer's Association
2001 - 100%
2002 - 80%
2003 - 100%

Also, the Military Officer's Association have the Senator a 100% rating in 2000 and the Vietnam Veterans of American gave him a 100% rating for 2003-2004.

From Project Vote Smart
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone.

Senator Hagel has been spending his Easter break from the Senate working in the interests of U.S. foreign policy.

Hagel to Travel to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

Friday, April 7, 2006

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) will travel to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan April 8 - 15th. Hagel will meet with Nebraska troops in Afghanistan, as well as meet with leaders from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The focus of Hagel’s trip will be regional security and energy issues, and U.S. bilateral relations.

"Our relationships in India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are important to U.S. strategic interests. Security, stability and economic development in South Asia are critical components for the future of this region. The U.S.-India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Agreement will be among the specific issues that I will discuss with Indian officials. I look forward to discussing these and other common interests with South Asian civilian and military leaders, as well as meeting with Nebraska troops serving in the region," Hagel said.

From Sandhills.
He was scheduled to get back yesterday, just in time for Easter today.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Washington Post recommends Hagel for Sec. Def.

An editorial in yesterday’s Washington Post argued for Chuck Hagel (or Senators Lieberman or McCain) to replace Donald Rumsfeld as Secretary of Defense.

"Rumsfeld's replacement should be someone who can help restore a bipartisan consensus for a sensible Iraq policy."

A nice idea, as I think that Senator Hagel would make an excellent Secretary of Defense (or State for that matter), but it’s not likely to happen in this administration, plus I’m hoping that he gets the boss’s job in 2008.

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Entitlement Reform

The following is from what Chuck Hagel wrote the letter mentioned in earlier posts. Entitlement reform was one of his six priorities.

“It we do not address this, we will bankrupt America. Our next generation will be unable to compete with the rest of the world. Last year, I was the first U.S. Senator to introduce comprehensive Social Security reform legislation. I also introduced bi-partisan legislation to create a National Entitlement Reform Commission. The President mentioned this type of Commission in his State of the Union speech in January. The longer we defer tough choices on entitlements…the fewer options we’ll have to fix this problem and the more difficult it will be to solve it.”
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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Various items

Today we have a number of posts on an assortment of topics of interest. All of these are interesting posts are articles, so check them out. I think all of these items play to Chuck Hagel's strong points as a potential candidate in 2008.

The State of the GOP, 2006
"I'm disgruntled, too, and I'm going to get it all of my chest this morning: I've never voted for a Democrat in a general election in my life, and I don't expect to anytime soon, but it's been impossible for me over the past couple of years to get enthused about the Republican party. I voted for President Bush twice, and contributed to his campaign twice, but held my nose when I did it the second time. I don't consider myself a Republican any longer. Thanks to this Administration and the Republicans in Congress, the Republican Party today is the party of pork-barrel spending, Congressional corruption — and, I know folks on this web site don't want to hear it, but deep down they know it's true — foreign and military policy incompetence. Frankly, speaking of incompetence, I think this Administration is the most politically and substantively inept that the nation has had in over a quarter of a century. The good news about it, as far as I'm concerned, is that it's almost over."

Budget Crisis
"Bruce Bartlett, author of the new Bush-critique book "Imposter", as many know, is a former Reagan guy and lifelong Republican who has had little good to say about W Bush. A fiscal conservative more than anything else, he has found himself at odds of late with the conservative think tank he worked for and finally parted ways when he published his new book. This was preceded by increasing critical writing about the current adminstration."

Colin Powell speaks out on the Iraq war this week.
"Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell on Saturday said the United States has made "serious mistakes" during the Iraq war that have led to the rising violence the country now faces."

Leaving Normal on

"Though they are frontrunners for their respective parties' nominations, I have a hard time believing that either John McCain or Hillary Clinton is going to be elected President of the United States. It has nothing to do with their respective ideologies or their positions on the issues, but rather with that intangible something that makes voters comfortable enough with a man or woman to entrust them with the most powerful office in the world...

This is not to say they can't overcome these problems, but the odds are not in their favor. By contrast, candidates like George Allen, Chuck Hagel, Mitt Romney, Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and Mark Warner seem to, at first blush anyway, pass the normal test. All things being equal, chances are, the next President will probably come from among these."

Interest Group Ratings - Government Reform

Today we continue with interest group ratings of Chuck Hagel's voting record in the U.S. Senate.
Senator Hagel's ratings by the Citizens Against Government Waste:

2004 - 79%
2003 - 77%
2002 - 81%
2001 - 80%
2000 - 84%

From Project Vote Smart
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Monday, April 10, 2006

Quote for today

"To question your government is not unpatriotic -- to not question your government is unpatriotic"

- Sen. Chuck Hagel

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Swing Still King

There was a nice article over at the Washington Post a little while back talking about the importance of swing voters.
Behind all the rhetoric, the reality is that swing is still king. The two or three or 10 voters who are the quietest in focus groups, who never demonstrate and who belong to no political party, will be the ones who determine the political course of America.
It will be important for Republicans to vote for a candidate in the primaries that will be able to appeal to swing voters (as well as be able to energize the base) in order to win the general election.

Just another reason to support Chuck Hagel in 2008 - a conservative that can win the support and confidence of swing voters.

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The following is from what Chuck Hagel wrote the letter mentioned in yesterday's post. Energy was on of his six priorities.

“Nothing is more important to economic development, prosperity and security than energy. Everything is connected to energy. We took an important step forward when we passed into law the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The bill expands the use of renewable fuels like ethanol, biodiesel, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. It also increases use of nuclear power, research on hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid automobiles, and continues development of clean cola technology. But we must do far more and go much further. We must develop a wider and deeper portfolio of energy sources. All of our policy options are limited by our dependence of foreign sources of energy. We must continue to work to forge a balanced and realistic approach to energy production that protects the environment, expands our economy, strengthens our national security and moves American toward more control over its own destiny.”

Here are Senator Hagel's ratings by an Energy issues interest group.

American Coalition for Ethanol
2002 - 100%

From Project Vote Smart
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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Six Priorities

Chuck Hagel sent a letter to his supporters that outlined what he considered to be six critical issues that we need to address. Two of these have already been discussed in previous posts and the rest will be discussed in the coming days.

1.) Entitlement Reform
2.) Health Care
3.) Deficit Spending
4.) Energy
5.) Foreign Policy and Trade
6.) Immigration Reform

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Friday, April 07, 2006

Immigration Reform

Immigration reform has been the hot topic in politics in the last two weeks. and Chuck Hagel has been right in the middle of it.

Yesterday a compromise bill was put forward in the Senate by Chuck Hagel and Mel Martinez (R-FL) that looked like it had enough support to pass (and it has the best chance of any bill in the Senate on the issue) that calls for tighter border security and enforcement, but also provides a path to legal status for many of the undocumented aliens now in the U.S. The legislation has been praised by President Bush.

Senator Hagel sent a letter to his supporters recently and his is what he said about immigration reform:

America cannot continue to defer making tough choices about its immigration policy. It is not in our national security interests to have 12 million undocumented individuals living inside our borders. Last year, after meeting with many Nebraska law enforcement officials, community leaders, business owners and immigration lawyers, I re-introduced a comprehensive package of immigration reform bills. My legislation will enhance America’s national security, protect our workforce, and bring accountability to those living in America illegally. This month, as the Senate begins work on legislation to provide comprehensive immigration reform, I plan to be a part of that debate with my legislation.”

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An analysis of a Hagel run in 2008

Here is a great article that outlines considerations for a run by Senator Hagel in 2008.

In McCain's shadow, Hagel prepares for '08

It is a little dated (from June of 2005) but it lays out some of the his strengths and likely considerations, including why conservatives could be won over by him.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Interest Group Ratings - Family Issues

Here are Senator Hagel's ratings by family issues interest groups.

Family Research Council
2000 - 100%
2003 - 100%
2004 - 83%

American Family Association
2003 - 100%
2004 - 100%

From Project Vote Smart
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Another March Madness - Vote!

Go vote on-line for Chuck Hagel!
It's another March Madness like Presidential vote.
After the March Madness tournament with Survey St Louis, the Republican Michigander has decided to post a tournament of our own here, although with a different twist. Half of the possible candidates are going to be democrats. We're going to have a Republican Bracket and Democrat bracket with a Republican vs Democrat bracket in the final round.
Senator Hagel trails his first round opponent Tom Tancredo so go vote!

NTU's 08 Candidate Taxpayer Ratings

The conservative National Taxpayer's Union has come out with its scorecard of leading potential 2008 Presidential candidates. From them Chuck Hagel received an "A." He was one of only 4 to get an A.

You can read an article about it at The Hotline, or go to the NTU and read about it from them.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yet Another Fan of Chuck Hagel

Liz over at RedState has posted a nice piece about Chuck Hagel.
As a workaholic who stays up late, sleeps very little, reads Foreign Affairs religiously, and also takes an unhealthy interest in financial services law, you have to understand my feelings of a sort of kinship with Chuck Hagel. I always relish the prospect of watching or reading an interview with him because a) it will inevitably feed my fascination with whatever the hot topic in international affairs is on that particular day, b) he always has something interesting to say, even if you do not entirely agree with it, and c) he does not mince his words.
Take a look and join in the discussion.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Debt, Deficit, and Fiscal Conservativism

Today the cover story in the USA Today is about the growth of federal spending under the current administration.
Federal spending is outstripping economic growth at a rate unseen in more than half a century, provoking some conservatives to complain that government under Republican control has gotten too big.

The federal government is currently spending 20.8 cents of every $1 the economy generates, up from 18.5 cents in 2001, White House budget documents show. That's the most rapid growth during one administration since Franklin Roosevelt.
Ironically today's topic was already going to be Senator Hagel's fiscal conservatism, as a reader commented on it yesterday. Senator Hagel sent a letter to his supporters recently that outlined his six top priorities. One of them was a concern over deficit spending. This is what Chuck Hagel said in the letter about the subject:

"It is dangerously irresponsible for the government to continue deficit spending at the rate we are currently spending. We cannot continue to run up the national debt and burden future generations of Americans with huge government obligations that will impair their ability to compete and prosper. Deficits and accumulation of debt erode the economic fundamentals of a country. They debase a nation’s currency. This continued weakening of our economic base will have significant economic and national security implications for our future. The national leadership of this country must prioritize its resources and policies, and govern with accountability and purpose.”

Mike Pence was on NPR this morning, who the reporter called the conservative's conservative. To support this claim it was said that he had voted against No Child Left Behind and the new prescription drug benefit because of the costs related to the two of them.

The senator from Nebraska broke with his party leadership to vote against the new prescription-drug program under Medicare, the No Child Left Behind bill and a big farm bill stuffed with incentives for corporate agriculture. Each, he felt, was ill conceived in practical terms and unwarranted as an expansion of federal mandates and spending.

Interesting. As the New York Times Magazine reports Senator Hagel voted NO on No Child Left Behind and these other big spending bills. So from a fiscal conservative standpoint, it looks like Senator Hagel is also a conservative's conservative.

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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blogs and politics

DemoBlog has a nice post regarding the emerging power of blogs and the internet and politics, particularly with regards to a recent New York Times article on the subject. The article points out that blogs and the internet have great usefulness for politics but they also pose a problem as well. While blogs and the internet create a great way to mobilize and organize, they are also far harder to control. Take this blog for instance. With it I hope to spread the cause of getting Chuck Hagel to run for President and to get his name out, but I have never met the Senator and this blog is not connected to him or his organization. So while it praises him, he nor his people have any control over it. And that exemplifies the upsides and downsides of the internet and politics.

Update: WebMetricsGuru also has a nice post about the same article.

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RBE's Study in Contrasts

Reality-Based Educator had a good post today on Senators McCain and Hagel on today's morning shows entitled A Study in Contrasts.
In contrast to McCain's appearance with Russert, Chuck Hagel's appearance on Late Edition was marked by forthrightness, honesty, and candor...

Frankly I thought Hagel made both McCain and Bayh seem like conventional politicans who shouldn't or couldn't be trusted. Hagel was willing to tell hard truths that the other GOP candidates for president (e.g., McCain, Allen, Frist, Romney et al.) cannot or will not tell and that many of the Democratic candidates feel they can't tell without being tarred by Karl Rove as cowards or traitors.
It's worth a read.

Interest Group Ratings - Conservative Groups

Here are Chuck Hagel's ratings on his voting record by conservative interest groups. Many on the right have attacked Senator Hagel for not being conservative, yet his voting record clearly shows him to be a conservative.

Christian Coalition
1999-2000 - 100%
2001 - 60%
2003 - 100%
2004 - 100%

American Conservative Union
2000 - 88%
2001 - 84%
2002 - 95%
2003 - 100%
2004 - 87%

Eagle Forum
2002 - 75%
2003 - 87%
2004 - 100%
2005 - 50%

From Project Vote Smart
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Saturday, April 01, 2006

March Straw Poll Results at The Next Prez

The Next Prez, a nice blog about the 2008 Presidential election, held a few on-line straw polls for the month of March. The results came out yesterday and Chuck Hagel finished 3rd among Republicans!
There are new polls up for April featuring the top vote getters from March, including Senator Hagel. Keep voting for Chuck Hagel.

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