Thursday, April 27, 2006

Six Priorities, revisited

Chuck Hagel sent a letter to his supporters last month that outlined what he considered to be six critical issues that we need to address as a nation. Click on the topic you'd like to see.

1.) Entitlement Reform
2.) Health Care
3.) Deficit Spending
4.) Energy
5.) Foreign Policy and Trade
6.) Immigration Reform

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Carter said...

Chuck Hagel may not be correct in some of his views; such as that people work more because taxes or a little lower (similar to the argument that to meet the same nees, they would need to work more if taxes were higher) and thus that deficit spending is an illusiong. or that sound environmental policy conflicts with or is at odds with sound economic policy, as if sensibile environmental policies make our capabilities dissapear rather than simply shifting the parameters of production. to name just a few. but he has exhibited character and integrity. Here's an article on the 2004 election. which considers this both pro and con. Here's one where Hagel defends our troops the RIGHT way.

Anonymous said...

Hagel has talked about making environmental efforts that work together with sound economic policy, particularly with regards to energy policy.