Sunday, April 02, 2006

RBE's Study in Contrasts

Reality-Based Educator had a good post today on Senators McCain and Hagel on today's morning shows entitled A Study in Contrasts.
In contrast to McCain's appearance with Russert, Chuck Hagel's appearance on Late Edition was marked by forthrightness, honesty, and candor...

Frankly I thought Hagel made both McCain and Bayh seem like conventional politicans who shouldn't or couldn't be trusted. Hagel was willing to tell hard truths that the other GOP candidates for president (e.g., McCain, Allen, Frist, Romney et al.) cannot or will not tell and that many of the Democratic candidates feel they can't tell without being tarred by Karl Rove as cowards or traitors.
It's worth a read.

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Praguetwin said...


I just wanted to say that I agreed with his assesment of all three of the guests.

I was especially impressed with Hagel who struck me as someone with leadership and honesty.

They may lowball him as an outsider, but charisma will get you a long way these days.

Good luck,