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The following is from what Chuck Hagel wrote the letter mentioned in yesterday's post. Energy was on of his six priorities.

“Nothing is more important to economic development, prosperity and security than energy. Everything is connected to energy. We took an important step forward when we passed into law the Energy Policy Act of 2005. The bill expands the use of renewable fuels like ethanol, biodiesel, solar, wind, geothermal and biomass. It also increases use of nuclear power, research on hydrogen fuel cells and hybrid automobiles, and continues development of clean cola technology. But we must do far more and go much further. We must develop a wider and deeper portfolio of energy sources. All of our policy options are limited by our dependence of foreign sources of energy. We must continue to work to forge a balanced and realistic approach to energy production that protects the environment, expands our economy, strengthens our national security and moves American toward more control over its own destiny.”

Here are Senator Hagel's ratings by an Energy issues interest group.

American Coalition for Ethanol
2002 - 100%

From Project Vote Smart
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Ridlium said...

What the Senator is quoted here as having written is certainly beyond exception. I, for one, will be happy to hear him expand on each of the listed topics and provide specifics. I will be sure to be listening.

Mach 5 said...

I'd like to hear specifics like: 1) opening up domestic areas for exploration, 2) streamlining and simplifying environmental restrictions so companies can be responsible while at the same time having the room to innovate, 3) fostering greater cooperation with OPEC to get them to open up their supply.

It'll be an exciting campaign as I think energy issues are going to play a pivotal role in who our next president may be.

Entropy said...

Mach 5, I'd love to hear the same. I truly believe that effective energy policy must include these options. I'm sure Senator Hagel realizes this as well, but was a little leary to outline it in detail, as the environmentalists would have a fit. I am a biologist so I am well aware that we must protect our environment. However, tapping into domestic resources can be done with environmental precaution.

I know that at the poll, the candidates' views on energy issues will surely play a part for my vote.

borat said...

Seeing as how wide-open the field is for 2008, it is no surprise to see a more general policy outline than anything too concrete. Entropy, you are correct in that Senator Hagel would receive a lot of attention for bringing up the domestic exploration debate. I am sure, though, that the Senator knows such options must remain on the table if the U.S. wants to achieve energy independence.

Charlie said...

I know that Senator Hagel has repeatedly supported opening ANWR for drilling.

There is an article, "The Chuck Stops Here" that gives some insight into his thinking on energy policy and regulation.

Other than that, I too am looking forward to hearing more from Senator Hagel on his energy policy.

Anonymous said...

Right on, March 5! I likes all three of your specifics and I agree that sensible energy policy will certainly be a factor in the presidential...

Writing Left said...

The citizens of the West are being hurt by domestic exploration
and I would expect that Hagel would understand how ranchers of his area are losing land and water which are necessary for their livelihood as a direct result of gas companies exercising their mineral rights on the land. For this reason, I would expect Hagel to oppose such continued exploration and encourage alternative fuels, which can include ethanol. Obviously ethanol will be produced by the corn grown in Nebraska and would be more beneficial to his constituents opposed to allowing oil and gas companies continue to destroy the land necessary for ranchers to sustain their businesses.