Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The 2006 election

While here at Chuck Hagel for President we are more concerned with the 2008 election, Senator Hagel has been working towards keeping a Republican House and Senate in the 2006 election. Recently Senator Hagel was in Delaware supporting Republican Mike Castle in his reelection campaign.

Senator Hagel had this to say:
"I have always been impressed by Congressman Mike Castle's leadership in the House of Representatives -- he forms a bridge across the aisle on issues ranging from education and health care to ethics reform. This type of independence and dedication is what we need more of in the U.S. Congress and what Delaware needs in the House of Representatives. I am proud to call Mike Castle a colleague, a friend and a statesman."
From Sandhills
"Castle said he's pleased to have Hagel coming in because it gives Delaware Republicans a chance to get a closer look at a possible presidential contender."
Delaware Online also has a story about the visit, which the above quote is from.

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