Monday, May 14, 2007

Hagel on Face the Nation

Chuck Hagel was on Face the Nation yesterday morning, and you can read about it or watch it from the CBS News website. Check out the video.


Anonymous said...

Michael Bloomberg? Why?

William Dalton said...

So Senator Hagel is seriously looking at a third party run. Speaking openly about running with Michael Bloomberg is certainly laying his cards upon the table. It is true that under current campaign finance restrictions one has to be a billionaire to run a Presidential campaign. But choosing such a running mate would also cost Hagel his main advantage as a candidate - being an alternative to Eastern establishment that controls the two major parties. Mayor Bloomberg I don't know that well, but he gives me the impression of being softer, gentler version of Rudy Giuliani. My question is, "Why would Mayor Bloomberg want to spend his money financing Senator Hagel's campaign?"