Monday, September 10, 2007

Hagel not running in 2008

Chuck Hagel has announced today that he will not be seeking a third term in the Senate and that he will not be running for Presdient.

Here is the text of Chuck Hagel's announcement today (the text from Sandhills PAC):

Hagel Announces He Will Not Seek A Third Term In Senate

OMAHA, NE – United States Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) announced this morning that he will not seek a third term in the United States Senate and does not intend to be a candidate for any office in 2008. Below is a text of Hagel’s remarks delivered at the Omaha Press Club:

I will not seek a third term in the United States Senate, nor do I intend to be a candidate for any office in 2008. It has been my greatest honor and privilege to serve my country and represent my fellow Nebraskans in the U.S. Senate. My family and I will be forever grateful for this opportunity and the trust placed in me by the people of Nebraska. It has enriched all of us.

I have always tried to live up to the promise I made to the people of Nebraska the day I announced my intention to seek this Senate seat. On March 30, 1995 I said, “I intend to be a Senator all Nebraskans can be proud of.” I hope I’ve done that, and made some contributions to our state and country along the way. History will sort that out.

I am proud of my Senate record and deeply grateful to all those who helped get me there and keep me there, and those who have worked so hard for the people of Nebraska—my staff. I would like to particularly thank Mike McCarthy, Ken Stinson and Lou Ann Linehan. I owe a great deal to these three individuals.

I would have been unable to do my job without the love, wise perspective and constant encouragement of my wife Lilibet, my daughter Allyn and my son Ziller. My appreciation for their support is immeasurable. I would also like to thank my brothers, Tom and Mike, for their constant support and occasional brotherly constructive evaluations.

I said after I was elected in 1996 that 12 years in the Senate would probably be enough. It is. I have always believed that democracies work best when there is a constant cycle of new energy and ideas, and fresh leadership.

I will leave the Senate with the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and love of my country that I started with. I leave maybe a little wiser, surely a little more experienced and with a very respectable amount of humility.

Public service has always been a big part of my life, and I hope to have another opportunity to serve my country in some new capacity down the road.

This afternoon, my family and I will return to Washington, and I will go back to work. I look forward to working as hard in the remaining 16 months of my Senate term for the people of Nebraska as I have over the last 11 years.

Thank you.”


Anonymous said...

This is a sad day for America. Chuck Hagel is a true American patriot and hero. I had high hopes he would run for the oval office. Best of luck to all his future endeavors.

Al Swearengen said...

Nobody on the entire net seems to have a cut of Hagel grilling Petraeus. It's pathetic. If you find one, can you shoot me an email @ ?

I blog at - BIG Hagel fan. I'm really pissed that this clip hasn't been circulated yet.

Joe Leonardi said...

It is too bad that the republican party turned out the Senator. You know all those pro war folks who never served a day in uniform. This is our party's loss, but more importantly this is our country's loss Now there are no conservatives running for president.

j.w.k said...

i am dissapointed that your not running. I am a Registered democrate, who is disenfranchised by Hillary Clinton. Granted you are not my first choice for president but if Obama dose not get chosen for the democratic ticket i would have voted for you hands down. Your spine to take on George W. Bush on the war in Iraq made me stand up and say way to go. It helped back my point that we are not a country of two parties but a country of many ideals and thoughts. Party Affiliation dose not mean what it used to. Please reconsider

Anonymous said...

Things can happen that change "inten(d)tions."

Anonymous said...

Politicians who lay strategy out where anyone can see it are fools. So too are people who presume nothing exists beyond that which presents itself to thier eyes.

Perhaps a twice wounded Hagel did tuck tail and head home and only inadvertantly causes himself to drop off the radar screen while announced candidates are suffering the longest election season ever. Perhaps he who stood against a GOP White House that cowed even Democrats has become a weak willed milquetoast. Perhaps.

ericpaddon said...

Good riddance. Now the Republican Party only has to worry about one more devotee of George McGovern's foreign policy ideas in their ranks (Ron Paul).

Senator Hagel has been a disgrace to the party, who opportunistically made himself the favorite Republican of Democrats and the extreme Left wing of the spectrum.

I rejoice in the knowledge that he is neither running for President, and that his Senate seat can now go back to a genuine Republican who stands for the ideas of Ronald Reagan, and not George McGovern and Cindy Sheehan.

Katie said...

Shame. Agree with Joe Leonardi.

Just goes to show that no one worthwhile actually wants to be President.

Katie the Dem

tj said...

What a shame. ericpaddon, do your research before you blog about history. It was Regan who realized the mess the middle east is and wanted little to do with it. Hopefully we can have Sentor Hagel help us get true Republican dialouge in the country back where it used to be.

VP Ron Paul said...

I think this guy gonna be the Ron Paul VP. Would be a major endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hagel may be in the race yet. As the most likely Veep to join a potential run by Michael Bloomberg. to learn more about Chuck Hagel and Michael Bloomberg, have a read here:

The Coming Awakening said...

Hagel as Obama's VP!

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I am a Democrat that is slightly a rounder, but I was hoping he would run. I would choose him any day over Clinton, Obama or McCain. I never understood why this country, with the countless brilliant men that we have serving in public office, only yields largely inadequate candidates for the oval office. What is wrong with the system? This country is going to the dogs because of it. I hope he considers running in the future.