Sunday, April 20, 2008

"Whither Hagel"

Robert Novak has a brief discussion of Senator Hagel in his piece from yesterday.
Friends of Sen. Chuck Hagel, the Senate's sharpest critic of President Bush's Iraq policy, say there is no chance he will endorse a Democrat for president this year.

That does not mean, however, that Hagel necessarily will back the Republican candidate, his friend John McCain. That could depend on whether McCain devises an Iraq exit strategy. Hagel and McCain, who occupy offices in the same second floor corridor of the Russell Senate Office Building, have been spotted conferring on two recent occasions.

A footnote: Although the conservative Hagel is an unlikely running mate for either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton, he conceivably could end up as secretary of defense for either Democrat.


Mike said...

Forget the Obama-Clinton ticket. Obama-Hagel IS the dream ticket for the Democratic Party. I can think of no other Vice Presidential option better than Chuck Hagel. He would bring more Independents and centrist leaning Republicans into the fold than any other person. I believe also he would sure up those Clinton supporters to ensure that the politics and foreign policy of the past 8 years would end on the 21st day of January 2009.

Anonymous said...

forget all the candidates let us put Senator Hagel's name as write in candidate on November 4, 2008

robert said...

I think that an Obama- Hagel ticket in the fall would be a winning ticket.

I am an Obama supporter, and a loyal Democrat, but also believe in balance of power.

The McCain folks are hoping that Obama will add another "Liberal and inexperienced candidate" as the VP. If Hagel is Obama's running mate, they will surely win by a land slide.

Even as a Democrat, I am impressed by Senator Hagel and his accomplishments.

- Jane