Sunday, October 29, 2006

Focus on the 2006 elections

Chuck Hagel and his PAC (Sandhills) have been focusing on the 2006 election and working to get Republicans elected, and particularly has been focused on the U.S. Senate. These are the candidates for the U.S. Senate that Senator Hagel's PAC has given money to for this election.

National Republican Senatorial Committee

Senator Mike DeWine $10,000
Senator Rick Santorum $10,000
Senator Jim Talent $10,000
Senator Conrad Burns $10,000
Senator Lincoln Chafee $10,000
Senator George Allen $10,000
Senator Jon Kyl $10,000
Representative Mark Kennedy (MN Senate Candidate) $10,000
Mr. John Raese (WV Senate Candidate) $5,000

Mr. Pete Ricketts (NE Senate Candidate) $10,000
Mr. Mike McGavick (WA Senate Candidate) $10,000
Senator Olympia Snowe $5,000
Senator John Ensign $5,000
The Honorable Bob Corker (TN Senate Candidate) $5,000
The Honorable Michael Steele (MD Senate Candidate) $10,000
The Honorable Tom Kean, Jr. (NJ Senate Candidate) $10,000

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