Monday, October 23, 2006

A New Direction for U.S. Foreign Policy

A new poll shows that most Americans want a change in U.S. foreign policy. In 2008 the citizens of the United States will still be calling for the repair of our standing in the world. Chuck Hagel is the best person to do just that.

The full article about the poll is quite interesting and enlightening. Check it out.

Seven in Ten Americans Favor Congressional Candidates Who Will Pursue a Major Change in Foreign Policy

U.S. Public Wants Less Emphasis on Military Force, More on Working Through U.N.

A Majority Supports Direct Talks with North Korea and Iran

Going into the November midterm elections, seven in ten Americans say they prefer Congressional candidates who will pursue a new approach to U.S. foreign policy. A new nationwide survey finds a large and growing majority of Americans is dissatisfied with the position of the United States in the world. Most Americans believe that U.S. policies are increasing the threat of terrorist attack and decreasing goodwill toward the United States.

The Program on International Policy Attitudes (PIPA)/Knowledge Networks poll also finds that large majorities of Americans feel that the United States puts too much emphasis on military force and unilateral action. Most say they want their member of Congress to work to shift the emphasis of U.S. foreign policy in favor of diplomacy, multilateral cooperation, and homeland security.

They also stress the need for programs to reduce the United States’ dependence on oil. When given the opportunity to reshape the foreign policy budget, respondents redistribute spending from military programs to other methods of pursuing security.

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francois said...

I'm not sure that's exactly where Hagel intends to go if elected. Hagel still maintains a healthy conservative distrust in the UN, and is a big backer of offensive action against terrorism. I see him more as Bush with competence when it comes to foreign policy, rather than a totally new direction.

Anonymous said...

Another poll on foreign policy issues, conducted by the non-partisan, nonprofit Public Agenda--Confidence in U.S. Foreign Policy Index--shows 83 percent say they are worried about the way things are going for the United States in world affairs, and 79 majorities believe the world is becoming a more dangerous place for Americans and that international relations are on the wrong track. An essential tool updated twice a year, the /Anxiety Indicator/ provides information on the public’s perception of more than two dozen aspects of international relations.