Thursday, July 27, 2006

Chuck Hagel Myspace Group

I just stumbled across a Myspace group supporting Chuck Hagel for President. For those that are on Myspace, hop on and join the group. Another way to network and get the word out is always worth checking out. is an excellent way to network and get a message out. It has been revolutionary for the music industry, and it certainly provides an opportunity to political applications as well. Myspace may well be an excellent tool to get younger voters involved in a campaign.

There is also a new Chuck Hagel group over at Google Groups as well.
As reminder, there are three Yahoo! Groups (Hagel for President, Missouri for Hagel, South Carolina for Hagel) that have been around for a while now.

We encourage everyone to join one or more of these groups in order to facilitate the communication among those grassroots supporters of Chuck Hagel in 2008. The ability to network is critical to success.

As it looks like Myspace is having some issues today this piece will be reposted in a week or so.

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