Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Role of Blogs in the 2008 Election

What is the role that blogs will play in the upcoming 2008 Presidential election? That's a question whose answer will only come with time, but the speculation is that they will (and we certianly hope so) have an impact of some sort. The blog RightFaith has this to say on the issue:
I can't be so optimistic to say that they will determine who wins, but I feel confident that blogs will determine who gains the Presidential Nomination for the major political parties in 2008.
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Citizen McLain said...

Blogs have a wonderful, positive role to play in presidential elections, provided that their posters and participants do not forget that nothing beats down to earth door to door, retail politics, especially in states like NH and IA.

The only problem with blogs is sometimes they tend to appeal to those who agree with them and you can get tunnel vision.

The Hagel folk are realistic, I think, in that his potential campaign is a challenge. But other candidates for president have transcended these challenges before...besides one bad speech in 1988, Bill Clinton was relative unknown in the low numbers when he announced in October 1991. So, anything is possible.

Blogs play a role, but face to face contact, fundraising, building the organization and, most importantly, framing the message of your campaign, are all key and critical elements.