Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Draft Hagel '08 - Mission: Memorial Day!

From Draft Hagel '08:
We have a mission to accomplish by Memorial Day if we want to see Chuck Hagel's views presented to the American people in the 2008 Presidential election!

We are asking that, by May 28, you try and find 25 new supporters to sign the online petition! How? Talk to people you know, talk to people they know, let them know that we need their help in making sure that America does not have to suffer through the 2008 election, that signing the online petition shows Senator Hagel that we need his views expressed through the Presidential election! If you and a friend were to stand on a busy corner over a weekend, that's all it would take to accomplish the 25!

If you hear someone say, "It's too early to make that decision," tell them you're not asking them who they will support in 2008, but rather that you would like their help in making sure a true American has the right to be one of their choices!

Are you a doctor, nurse, teacher, lawyer, scientist, housewife, househusband,etc? Start a local coalition of like individuals in your area!

Wondering how to go about any of this? Don't be afraid to ask us for help - info@drafthagel08.com !

Let's get to work! We've got a mission to right the direction of our country!


Constantina said...

I really didn't know much about Sen. Hagel, the more I read the more I liked. I read one column in particular that, though brief, really hit home. For me as a republican, Hagel would be the ideal candidate.

Here is the link to the column

Thank you for allowing me to comment

ericpaddon said...

Chuck Hagel today cast his lots with the ultra-left wing as he has done repeatedly on the War on Terror.

If Chuck Hagel wants to run for President then he should do it for the Democratic Party, which is his natural home now.

Anonymous said...

I think Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman would make a great team running as independents for the White house.