Saturday, April 21, 2007

"If Steve McQueen had ever run for political office, he would have been Chuck Hagel."

There is a piece in the SeacoastOnline that is well worth a read. It's quite entertaining, really. Here is an excerpt:
[T]he point is this: Now in particular, after the 16 years that will have preceded our next president, we’re going to need an individual we can respect and admire and take pride in. Someone who can inspire us and help define us as a nation. Or in this case, redefine us.

When even the national media was busy playing cheerleader during our march into war in Iraq, Hagel had the insight to recognize the potential for disaster and the cajones to voice his concerns in public. He recently returned from his fifth visit to the war-torn country, reiterating the importance “that the Iraqi people now carry forward the assistance that the American government has given.”

“The future of Iraq will be determined by the Iraqi people,” he said.

The refreshing candor Hagel has brought to Washington would be welcomed in the presidential campaign, and especially in New Hampshire. Web sites like have already sprung up on the Internet to encourage his run for the White House.

The senator recently announced he will make his decision on a presidential bid later in the year. Here’s hoping he gives it a shot. At this point, we probably need Hagel a lot more than he needs us.


Ewan Watt said...

The article didn't appear to like his support for the tax cuts!

Anonymous said...

Steve McQueen! That's great, I never thought of that. But he's right, this is the kind of man's man we need in the White House, not a wannabe.