Saturday, April 28, 2007

Robert Novak piece

Robert Novak has a piece out with some discussion of Chuck Hagel's future plans:


Sen. Chuck Hagel, facing opposition from the right wing of the Nebraska Republican Party, is expected to decide within the next two and one-half months what he will do in 2008: run for President, seek a third term in the Senate, or neither.

Hagel has been testing the presidential waters in Iowa and New Hampshire over the past several months. He would be the only major Republican presidential prospect who opposes President Bush’s Iraq war policy.

His stance on the war may force a contested Nebraska primary against Hagel, who has been the state’s most popular Republican in a generation. State Atty. Gen. Jon Bruning has withdrawn his earlier support for Hagel and indicated he may run against him for the Republican nomination for the Senate. However, Hagel would be backed by Gov. Dave Heineman and other prominent Nebraska Republicans.

I don't know if the time table is accurate or not, but it is the latest that I have heard.


Micah Driscoll said...

not quite the 'ONLY' to oppose Bush's war policy. Ron Paul is very vocal in his opposition as well. If only the rest of the GOP would follow the two...

Doug Backer, Nebr. Citizen said...

Define your position - call for a vote in Iraq:

Senator Hagel is THE ONLY candidate with the history and courage to call the Bush Administration's "cards" by asking for an up or down referendum in Iraq (by the Iraqi people) on whether the US stays or goes.

Calling the question will reveal lots of truths as to Bush' true motives are.

Please Senator, use this strategic move to shape your country's future.

ericpaddon said...

Run Jon Bruning, run!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Eric Paddon:

If you think Jon Bruning is going to beat Senator Hagel in the Republican primary in Nebraska, you are dreaming in technicolor. Hagel is an authentic American hero and he gots the guts to tell it like it is. He doesn't mince words. I hope he runs for the Presidency of the United States. We need someone with the courage of his convictions who doesn't govern by public opinion poll.