Thursday, August 30, 2007

Veterans group praises Hagel on Iraq votes

Southwest Nebraska News reports that there is a new radio ad praising Senator Hagel ("Hagel, other Republicans Commended in Radio Ads").
Major General (Ret.) John Batiste, former 1st Infantry Division commander in Iraq, life-long Republican, and advisor to, is featured in a new radio ad campaign being launched today, that praises three Republicans for standing up for the troops.
Here is the text of the ad being run in Nebraska:
"I first want to thank the great state of Nebraska for standing behind our great military. When I was in uniform, my duty was to get the job done, without commenting on the policy makers in Washington. Now I'm a civilian, and pleased to thank Senator Chuck Hagel for his moral courage and standing up for our troops and military families. We're caught in the middle of a brutal civil war in Iraq, without a focused national strategy. Senator Hagel is well-informed, challenging those politicians who are breaking our great Army and Marine corps. Right now our soldiers and marines are killing and dying in Iraq, despite the fact that the Iraqis are no closer to reconciliation, and the current government is ineffective. Policy-makers need people like Senator Hagel, standing up for our troops, their families, and our national security."
There have been many veterans that have expressed their support for Senator Hagel and the trend will no doubt continue. You can listen to the ad here, or at

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