Friday, August 10, 2007

The latest on Hagel in New Hampsire

The Concord Monitor ran a piece on Hagel this week.

The nation's increasing frustration with the war has given Sen. Chuck Hagel - the loudest Republican critic of the war in the Senate - renewed hope in a possible presidential run. He told The New York Times recently that a few major fundraisers were urging him to run. He said: "There is no Republican presidential candidate with this point of view. There might be an opening for me on this."

We checked in with state Sen. Bob Odell, a Lempster Republican who's been friends with Hagel for 30 years.


Odell said he thinks Hagel's position has increasing resonance. "I certainly think the public is open to a new voice, a new approach," he said.


Anonymous said...

There is a rumor out there that Rove may join Thompson's campaign. If this turns out true then, more than ever, we need Chuck Hagel to run. It will show that there are no conservatives out there in the Presidential race. The Senator needs to put it on the line and run, not only to save our party, but to save our country.

Anonymous said...

With McCain's campaign imploding, if he were to leave the race that would leave us with exactly zero war veterans left running from either party. Bush's lack of military experience has led to the horrible failures in Iraq. We need a candidate like Hagel who has the experience of war to understand how to handle it and the good judgement to avoid it in the first place.