Monday, May 08, 2006

The Daily Kos discusses Chuck Hagel

The biggest liberal blog on the web, Daily Kos, has an interesting piece on Chuck Hagel. The comments I found to be particularly interesting, as they certainly show a range of feelings about Chuck Hagel.

Here are a few of the interesting comments that people have left on the post. Granted, many of them dislike Chuck Hagel as he is a conservative. What impressed me was how many respected him even though they disagreed with him on most issues.
"He's never tried to hide the fact that he's a conservative. His opposition to Bush is a matter of principles (some of which I agree with) and a critique from the right.

I think he'd make a formidable candidate, but I don't think he'd fool anyone into thinking he's a moderate.

For that, I have to give him some grudging respect."


"Republican Stealth Weapon

He is the one republican I think could win, if he could nominated. I don't think he can get nominated, just because of the type of statements listed above.

He appeals to me much more than McCain. On the surface, he appears to be a man of principle. Just what everybody is looking for."


"Hagel is in no way a liberal, of course (anyone who took that part of the post literally needs to check his snark-o-meter). But the thing about Hagel that pisses off the Republican establishment is that he's more devoted to conservative principles than he is to winning. His attitude is, if you sell out your country in favor of your party, who cares if you're winning?

Alas, I still wouldn't vote for him, because I am not a conservative, and I do not believe in conservative principles, but I like him because of his willingess to say "win at all costs" is not an acceptable way to govern."

Check out the post and add your own thoughts on Senator Chuck Hagel.
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