Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An entertaining blog post

I thought I needed to share this entertaining bit from a blog post at the New Nebraska Network.
Well, the Post makes no bones about who the hero of that story is. "Hagel stormed"! "Hagel thundered"! My God, I don't know if that's the Post casting it's ballot in the 2008 Republican primary or casting Hagel as the next Incredible Hulk (HAGEL SMASH!).
From "Chuck Hagel Takes Charge." The Washington Post article refered to is quite a good one and also worth a read.

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copy editor said...

Great story!

Citizen McLain said...

Senator Hagel is correct. For the past 5 years, the President has only been playing to his core constituency, instead of trying forge unifying coalitions to achieve results.

While messy and delicate, this Senate bill on comprehensive immigration reform demonstrates how the President and the Congress should have been performing over the past five years. It's a tough sell to the House perhaps, but worth the effort.

This is Governing.