Friday, May 26, 2006

More polls and Meet the Press

Here are two rather impressive 2008 Presidential Election polls; they are the most elaborate I have seen yet. Vote Hagel!

Also, be sure to watch Senator Hagel on Meet the Press tomorrow.

You can catch Hagel on Meet the Press here.

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Citizen McLain said...

Senator Hagel did well on meet the press. Congressman Sensenbrenner is a responsible, respectable legislator, but he is using the old tried and true method of using aversive language to change the premise of the discussion: this bill is amnesty.

I support the more comprehensive language used by the Senate, discussed and debated by the full body, and representative of the will of the people, not just the majority.

Also, Sen. Hagel earns points in my book for taking a more comprehensive approach to governing overall. Immigration is linked to economics, national security, globalization, fiscal/budgetary policy. His approach to governing in general is more wholistic and, responsible.

He would bring a lot of good qualities to any presidential race.