Sunday, May 21, 2006

"The Republican Democrats Should Fear the Most is Chuck Hagel"

An interesting look at the 2008 election in an interview with James W. Moore from The Kentucky Democrat.
DS: I know 2008 is a few years away but are any potential candidates that you see having a good chance to reach the White House?
JWM: On the Democratic side I think that the "New, Improved Al Gore" probably has the best shot. No one besides Rupert Murdoch seems quite ready for Hillary, and I think that John Kerry has lost a bit of his mojo (not that he ever had much, poor guy, although I generally like him). I see the three of them vying for the nomination along with some side-show characters, and I predict that Al will come out on top. He might even surprise us by offering Hillary the Veep spot. On the Republican side, my nominee for "The Republican Democrats Should Fear the Most" is Chuck Hagel of Nebraska. I don't always agree with Chuck, but he's not afraid to bash Bush or Karl Rove, and he's a class act. It's hard not to like Chuck Hagel.
This is not the first place that someone from the Democratic side has mentioned their concern over a possible run by Chuck Hagel in 2008.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure La Raza & the multiculturalism boosters in the Democratic party would be thrilled to have Hagel as the GOP candidate. That way, no matter who wins, the ongoing merger with Mexico that Hagel is initiating with his current immigration & amnesty for illegals bill can be seen thru to completion. Mexamerica here we come, with El Presidente Hagel presiding.

W.C. Varones said...

Are you friggin' kidding me? Hagel is one of the architects of the amnesty bill. He sucks!

Citizen McLain said...

Amnesty is automatic legalization of 11 million immigrants. This bill is not perfect but it provides some alternatives to what we have now.

Hagel, McCain, Bush, Spector, and their Democratic partners in this debate are doing what grown ups do. They are governing.

Enough with the name calling.

francois said...

Hagel is one of the more feared Republicans, but so is Giuliani and McCain.

coachhollywood67 said...

I agree wholeheartedly with citizen mclain. Hagel and President Bush and most of the Senate are trying to fix a complex issue. That's what statesmen do. Politicians pander to the loudest elements of the vox populi and call names and issue ultimatums. Unfortunately a large number of the House members seem to be doing just that. Hopefully Hagel's version is close to what will be ultimately passed in the end, but ranting and name calling won't help.

Anonymous said...

This website must be a joke. Did you see Hagel on the weekend talk shows debating Sensenbrenner on immigration? Hagel came away looking like a fool. I really can't figure it out why he is pushing for amnesty so hard. Either he is in the tank big time to big business that wants that cheap/slave immigrant labor, or the guy just isn't very smart. For all of you who think he is acting like a "grown-up," take a look at the Heritage Foundation report. The Hagel/Martinez immigration bill is is estimated to add 103 million immigrants (guest workers, family reunification, etc) over the next 20 years. That's almost a 40% increase in population in this country! Why is Hagel trying to stick it to middle class America? Doesn't he know what this will do to working peoples wages and public schools?