Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Chuck Hagel grassroots movement

This blog is dedicated to promoting the Draft Chuck Hagel grassroots movement. To facilitate communication between supporters of Chuck Hagel, numerous groups have been formed (Google, Myspace, Yahoo, MOYahoo, SCYahoo), so please join one (or more) if you are interested in helping out with the movement (or feel free to start your own if your state isn't represented).

Those of us in the movement are seeking suggestions as to who to expand and organize the Hagel movement. If you have any suggestions, please post them as a comment or email me.


Heidi Panelli said...

Hi Charlie, nice blog...and nice CafePress T-shirts, too :-) Best of luck to you in this grassroots movement.

Charlie said...

The CafePress items aren't ones that I have created; they're selected from the universe of Chuck Hagel items that are on various CafePress sites.

Speaking of, go and buy Chuck Hagel items from CafePress.