Sunday, September 03, 2006

Your reasons for a Hagel Presidency (Part 5)

Last month I did a series on the reasons people gave why they want Chuck Hagel as the next President of the United States. Today and tomorrow we will have a continuation of that series.
Here is one reader's reason:
I have always voted for Republican candidates, but am dismayed by the course the current administration has taken with respect to fiscal policy, citizen rights/privacy, and foreign policy. I believe that Chuck Hagel is one of the few politicians that has the experience and perspective that can bring the country back on course. He will have a difficult time with the far right wing of the Republican Party, which seems to believe that government should dictate how people live their lives, and that their religious beliefs are the only ones that matter. We need to somehow overcome the resistance of that wing to his candidacy so that he can defeat their lap dogs during the primaries.
Thanks, mbbar!

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