Monday, September 18, 2006

Republicans growing more skeptical of the President

The New York Times had an interesting article on Friday.
Mr. Bush has plenty of supporters in this Denver suburb and the surrounding cities, an evenly divided swing district that is a bellwether in the battle for control of the House. But interviews over the last three days here found Republicans, Democrats and independents all expressing degrees of skepticism about Mr. Bush’s motives in delivering a set of high-profile speeches on terrorism and the war in Iraq two months before Election Day.
If the Republicans want to chart a new course on Iraq, Chuck Hagel is the the man for the job.


Anonymous said...

Gee if the New York Times (which never, ever has an agenda inimicable to Bush, Republicans, or conservatives /sarcasm) says so then it must be so. Proof positive that Chucky Hagel is a RINO.

Kurt Kaletka said...

Bush did carry Colorado during both of his elections, but despite that, Colorado has been trending Democratic in recent years. Since 1998, the Democrats have taken over the state legislature (then lost it, then took it over again,) and took over one Senate seat in 2004. They are expected to take the governor's seat plus two U.S. House seats (5th and 7th districts) this November, and in 2008, it's expected that Mark Udall will be the favorite to take over Colorado's other Senate seat. The dissatisfaction with Bush's botched Iraq adventure is certainly accellerating Democratic gains in Colorado, but the trends were already there.

Similarly, Democrats are trending much stronger in Ohio, and are expected to capture the governor's job, a Senate seat and several House seats there, too, and it's possible that they'll capture the state legislature, as well. Ohio doesn't have the same Republican heritage as Colorado, but the sudden reversal of Republican fortunes there is definitely worth noting. It's similar to the Republican meltdown we saw in Illinois in 2002 and the Republican meltdown we're seeing in Pennsylvania this year.

Anonymous said...

Colorado. like New Hampshire - is infested with liberals who recently moved there and brought their failed left wing politics with them.

veritas said...

Apropos to Colorad being overrun by liberals from other states:

It looks like Massachusetts's Baby Boomers plan on leaving the state in mass numbers when they retire. I find this nauseating, especially when you read their reasons, many of which are self-inflicted. Sure, bad weather's in there and I can't blame that on them, but everything else is their fault, from high housing costs (zoning and rent control laws) to high property taxes (they did it!) to high insurance costs (they sue too much) to regulation (they keep electing liberals). They made their bed, they should lay in it!

What's a more unappetizing and unappealing spectacle than aging leftists escaping the consequences of the policies they voted for by moving to places where the locals had better common sense, in order to ruin them too? Californians started this whole trend after they decided to start moving en masse to their neighboring states to ruin them for the locals, too. Now the same people who ruined Massachusetts want to ravage Florida, New Hampshire and the Carolinas in their dotage. Just great. Stay in Massachusetts, you jerks!

First they voted with their hearts, and now they're fleeing the predictably bad results by voting with their feet. If only they would consider voting with their heads, we could really get somewhere.