Saturday, September 30, 2006

This week's wrap up

Tomorrow is the last day of the push to contact Senator Hagel's office to encourage him to run for President in 2008. If you haven't done so already, please send an email or fill out his Senate page's contact form today.

This week marked the introduction of the first poll this site has done, so please vote in it to let us know what issues are important to you.

Please continue to vote for Chuck Hagel in on-line polls to increase the buzz. Take a few seconds and go and vote in each of these polls. Senator Hagel is in a close second place in the Politics Central poll (which has six more days before it closes). There are also other on going polls out there at The Next Prez, The Krusty Konservative, 2008 Political Perspective, and 2008 Horserace. Please comment and let me know if there are other 2008 polls out there that are not listed here.

Lastly, Chuck Hagel's birthday is this week. He turns 60 on Wednesday, October 4th. Please contact his office to wish him a happy birthday.

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