Monday, August 07, 2006

My reasons for a Hagel Presidency

Last week the question was posed: Why do you want Chuck Hagel to be our next President? This week we will be sharing people's opinions as to why they would like to see Chuck Hagel as the next U.S. President. First up are the five primary reasons why I want to see Chuck Hagel in the White House.

1.) Foreign Policy - Chuck Hagel's foreign policy views are well thought out and guided by a long term view of what is best for America. He has proven to be right many times and the Republican party and the country need a new direction for foreign policy. Hagel can restore the standing of the United States on the international stage.
2.) Social Conservative - Senator Hagel has a consistent voting record as a social conservative.
3.) Deficit Hawk - One of the greatest issues facing our nation today is the national debt and the increasing bugdet deficits. Chuck Hagel has long been focused on balancing the budget.
4.) Civility - One thing that I don't like about politics today is the divisive and harsh tone that it has taken. Chuck Hagel, while conservative, can still work with those that he disagrees with and disagrees with people in a respectful tone.
5.) Electable - His personal story is dynamic and he is a conservative with a cross-over appeal that would make him dynamite in an election. He is truly "a leader we can be proud of."

If you haven't responded already, why do you want Chuck Hagel to be our next President? If you have a couple of minutes write out why you think Chuck Hagel should be elected in 2008 and email it to me and it may be posted shortly.

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Anonymous said...

As a former Republican who promised never to support a Republican again after 6 years of Bush (Who I never voted for thankfully!)and this awful congress, I have to say Chuck Hagel has changed my mind. I also like Joe Biden, but Hagel has the balls that no one else in politics seems to have right now.

Between his statement calling for a draft, not because he supports war, but because he realizes situations like Iraq could never happen if people had a vested interest in it, to his recent statement on the Middle East situation, which is absolutely the truth and which no one else in Congress wishes to speak right now, the guy has my total respect.

Citizen McLain said...

The Social Conservative in Chuck Hagel is balanced by the federalist in Chuck Hagel. He is a man who sees the role of government in context of what the Constitution intended. Example: he may have supported the Nebraska constitutional amendment defining marriage between a man and a woman, but he was against a federal Constitutional amendment.

Adding to Charlie's list, at the top, I would put that Mr. Hagel has a comprehensive approach to governing and understands the balance between national, economic and energy security.

On a management level, I understand he is also a details person - more of a micromanager than the incumbent, but presumably not in the Jimmy Carter/scheduling the tennis courts way.

If Republicans are to survive into the 21st century as a credible political organization, then it needs to return to a fiscal conservative, foreign policy realism that has been sorely lacking over the past 6 years.

copy editor said...

I want a Hagel/Biden mixed ticket. Why not? Chuck should take the top part of it, with a robust VP working hard in foreign affairs... Sort of like Cheney with a conscience.

"He has proven to be right many times and the Republican party and the country need a new direction for foreign policy."

Truer words...