Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ohio for Hagel 2008

There is another blog in the Hagel grassroots movement; today the Ohio for Hagel 2008 blog was born. Here is the first post from that blog:
Welcome to the Ohio for Chuck Hagel presidential movement. We are a grassroots network working in and around the great State of Ohio, promoting what we hope will be a Chuck Hagel run for the White House in 2008. It is our belief that America needs a strong leader who can unite this great Country and build a strong foreign policy with our allies around the world. We believe America needs less Government, less spending and better border security. We see only one American who can handle this awesome task, we see Chuck Hagel as this person. We deserve a stronger America, we deserve Chuck Hagel as our next Commander and Chief. If you want to become involved in this great movement please leave your Name and Email address we will be in touch.
Be sure to pop over and support the new Ohio for Hagel blog.

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Check out the Wisconsin blog too: