Thursday, August 24, 2006

New GOP Bloggers Straw Poll

GOP Bloggers has a new 2008 straw poll, so go and vote Hagel.


Diego said...

Plan B was approved today, I would like everyone's opinion on it and how you think it will affect society, go to and leave your comments.

Sandra said...

I cannot support any Republican who constantly bashes Bush, I tried to like Hagel but he is just to anti administration, he infuriates me when he goes on shows like the liberal networks, they love to have him on, no wonder they love him, when they want to bash Bush they call Hagel, that is not going to help him to run for president, he will need to win the primary. at least MCCAIN is learning. no matter what I am a staunch supporter of the President. I may not always agree but it does not help to always be negative about him, this will also hurt in the November elections. and we need all Republicans to go out and vote in Novemember, or we will have a speaker polosi, chairman conyers and leader reid, what a nightmare that will be.

bigredcon said...

I'm not sure I could support a Republican, nay, anyone that Arianna Huffington praises...

Citizen McLain said...

I can't support any Republican who just goes along with everything the Bush Adminstration does. The politicization of this war was begun before the war even started, it was begun by the Bush White House.

The party is bigger than one man, and when that one man has demonstrated himself to be totally incapable of holding anyone accountable for failure, why should he be followed.

Republicans need to get off their asses, stop drinking the Bush cool-aid and find a way how to save our party and our country.

Regarding Hagel, his record of voting with Bush is 90-94 percent, so he is more loyal than you would suppose. But he draws a line on issues of foreign policy and war.

And I respect and admire him for that.

Remember, in alcohol or drug-related interventions, it is your friends that try to save you from yourself. Those who just let you go on what you are doing even though it is hurtful...they are your enablers. The GOP has become a party of enablers to the Bush Administration on war and foreign policy.

Alex said...

Sandra and Bigredcon, do you honestly think a candidate proposing a continuation of President Bush's policies has any chance in November? Bush's approval ratings are in the low 30s. 60% of the country now thinks the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. A majority wants our troops to begin withdrawing in 6 months. Do you honestly think a "stay the course" candidate can win? No. Rather a candidate promising to bring the boys home, like Ike in '52, is what we need.

And, Hagel is MORE conservative than Bush, folks! I don't know about you, but I'm a conservative first, not a Republican first. Hagel voted against the Kennedy-authored No Child Left Behind. Hagel voted against the biggest entitlement program since LBJ by casting his ballot against the Medicare bill of 2004. Hagel voted against the pork laiden farm bill. He opposed the Frist-led attempt to fund embryonic stem cell research. Chuck Hagel has fantastic rankings from National Right to Life, the Conservative Union, and other conservative groups. What more do you want?

Does he go on talk shows at debate the war? Yes, he does. But, he does so because he doesn't want the politicians today to do what they did to him in Vietnam -- politicize the war. He has our troops' best interests in mind, not his own political interests.

Hagel is a war hero and a true conservative. It's time to rally to Chuck. It's the GOP's only hope. Otherwise, you're going to get Hillary or some other Democrat in the White House. Now, that would be a true "nightmare."

So, conservatives, rally to Chuck Hagel!