Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wisconsin for Hagel 2008

Yesterday, the Wisconsin for Hagel 2008 blog went on-line. The post is decent in length, so I won't share all of it, but here is the opening of it:
This website is dedicated to the election of the only true conservative who may run for President in 2008 -- Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska.
The first post on the blog is a good one, so be sure to check out Wisconsin for Hagel 2008.


Alex said...

Thanks, Charlie. Your Hagel blog is the model -- this is fantastic. I'm checking your blog everyday.

Many in the GOP are trying to brand Hagel a "liberal" because of his stance on the Iraq war -- we can't let them do that. He's the only true conservative in the race, not only because of his foreign policy views, but also b/c of his fiscal and social views as well. I think Hagel could really win over the social conservatives, given how lackluster the other candidates are in that area, while simultaneously attracting the realists in the party. He's the only realist who could run -- the others are either blank slates or more of the same when it comes to foreign policy.

All we need is for Chuck to get organized and run! Do you think he'll do it?

One last question: how do you get google to pick up your site on its searches? I'd like to do the same with the "Wisconsin for Hagel" site. Thanks.

copy editor said...

Charlie, keep up the good work. I become more and more convinced that Hagel is the one for 2008. And, I am a Demon-o-crat.

Have you seen his Q&A in the National Interest?

Alex said...

That is an EXCELLENT interview from the National Interest, copy editor. Thank you for providing it. EVERYONE should read that -- in fact, I just put it on my blog at "Wisconsin for Hagel."

How refreshing it is to read a thoughtful analysis of American foreign policy from an American leader. The man must run for president in 2008. The country desperately needs Chuck Hagel.

Charlie said...

The National Interest interview is an excellent one (I posted about it last month). Thanks for bringing it up, as it is well worth reading.

I certainly hope Senator Hagel runs for President, but I think it will depend on his family and how he sees the mood of the nation after the November election. We'll see what happens. In the meantime, I want to be prepared for a Hagel candidacy.

If anyone wants help or tips for creating a Hagel blog, please feel free to email me or contact me through the form on the right side of the main page.

copy editor said...

Charlie, I did not notice that you had it on your site. Alex, you are welcome and keep up the good work.