Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Discussion of Hagel Biography

The Omaha World-Herald has an article from yesterday about Chuck Hagel's possible presidential ambitions and the new biography about him.

Certainly a critical consideration for Senator Hagel's decision on whether or not to run for President is the impact on his family.

While the article isn't a review of the book, it does give some information about it. Personally, I recommend the book.

Chuck Hagel has said he is considering running for president in 2008, but he won't make a decision until after the November elections.

He has said one of the biggest factors in weighing a run for the White House is the impact such a move would have on his family.

"He may not want to sacrifice his home life for what has become one of America's most exhausting rituals, in which candidates and their reputations are routinely battered by their opponents and the media, and the winners are expected to enjoy living in a fishbowl," writes Berens, a professor of journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Read the full article here.

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Citizen McLain said...

Overall, the book is a good primer on Chuck Hagel. There is repitition of various issues and it started off a bit weak, but when it got into the substance of his political philosophy, his role in the Senate, in the GOP, the impact of the Vietnam War on his foreign policy, it was more intriguing. It's a quick read.

Based on the way the party is going, the lack of reflection or insight in how to manage the Iraq War or the war on terror, Senator Hagel may not have a choice but to run. Even if he starts out as a voice in the wilderness, because of the uniqueness of his foreign policy positions, he will get some publicity and the issues will be raised.