Tuesday, August 01, 2006

"Hagel offers sound advice on Mideast"

The Lincoln Journal Star has a nice editorial today about Senator Hagel's comments.
The Bush administration takes an inordinate amount of pride in paying no attention to its critics. Even fellow Republicans such as Sen. Chuck Hagel are ignored as the administration plows ahead on its own path.

That’s too bad. Over the past few years, the course of events has shown that Hagel’s advice on foreign policy, ranging from Iraq to the rest of the Middle East, could have steered the administration toward greater success in making the world a safer place.

The administration’s weaknesses were on display again this weekend as the White House continued to rebuff suggestions that it apply pressure on Israel to step down its military attacks on Lebanon.
The editorial is worth a read; take a look at the full article.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator for your comments concerning President Bush's handling of the Israel-Lebanon crisis.

You have my vote for President if you choose to run.

Anonymous said...

If Senator Hagel decides to run and the Conservative Right brings his nomination down. I will encourage him to run as an Independent. I will support his nomination as an Independent. He has been the only Indepedent voice in the Senate.

SmithBlog said...


Thanks for the complements. I am a registered Democrat, but at least on this issue I am much closer to Chuck Hagel than to Sen. Schumer, who was so indignant about Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Malki's comments criticizing the Israeli response to Hezbollah's actions, that he boycotted al-Maliki's address to Congress. I thought that was completely over the top; we're trying to support al-Maliki's government and stability in Iraq, right? Democratic Congressional leaders (Pelosi, Reid, et al) also threatened to do so, but backed off. What's wrong with them? How thin skinned can you get? Hegel is so much more balanced and rational.
I'm definitely to the left of Hegel on domestic and social issues, though if he embraced a higher minmum wage and something like Bill Bradley's plan to provide health insurance to all Americans (similar to President George H.W. Bush's proposal), I think I would vote for him.