Friday, August 25, 2006

Chuck Hagel - Fiscal Conservative

Chuck Hagel is a committed fiscal conservative and is dedicated to balancing the budget. Collected here are a few examples of his fiscal conservative credentials and votes.

Some of Hagel's comments on the deficit are available here. Chuck Hagel was given an A by the National Taxpayer's Union. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce gives Senator Hagel high marks on this voting record. The American Land Rights Association gave Senator Hagel a 100% rating for 2000-2003. One of Senator Hagel's priorities is entitlement reform, chich you can read about here.

Chuck Hagel was rated as an anti-pork hero by Pork Busters.

You can read about another vote where Senator Hagel showed fiscal responsibility from this year. Here is an excerpt from the press release about that vote:
“At some point, we’ve got to come forward with some courage and discipline to stop this massive hemorrhaging of federal spending. The President is right to say he will veto this bill , which spends over $14 billion more than he requested. I support him and will support his veto. Many of these projects are worthwhile but they should be funded through the normal appropriations process where there is accountability, not stuffed into an emergency bill. The American people deserve better than a U.S. Senate out of control with no fiscal discipline – further eroding the economic strength of this country, and continuing to pile up more and more debt for future generations,” Hagel said.
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