Sunday, November 12, 2006

Keep voting

Keep voting in the 2008 on-line polls.

In the Politics One on One poll Senator Hagel is in the hunt to win the poll, so be sure to vote in it if you haven't already.

Here's another poll at the Republican 2008 Yahoo Group.
And another at The Next Prez
And at The Krusty Konservative
And at We the People
And at GOP Bloggers
And at StrawPoll08

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Charles Amico said...

Thanks for asking me to add Senator Hagel to my poll. After the mid-term elections, he looks the best candidate for the Republicans as he has been against the way the war has been conducted longer than any other of the contemporary Republicans. He has had more courage than McCain and Giuliani. I respect him very much and wish him the best. The key is for him not to loose his nerve as he becomes a serious contender. McCain did when he caved on the torture issue with the President, as did Graham and Warner. Hagel needs to stay true to his convictions. Hopefully his supporters will give him better advice that McCain's did. Independents like myself don't vote party. We vote the man/woman.