Friday, November 10, 2006

Senator Hagel Thinking About 2008

The Omaha World-Herald had a piece yesterday on Senator Hagel titled "Hagel is still weighing bid for President" that shed a little light on the Senator's thinking.
A day after Republicans were snubbed in elections nationwide, Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel said a possible White House bid remains in the picture.

"I'm seriously evaluating it, as I have been," he said.

Wednesday marked the unofficial start for those who may run for president in 2008, Hagel among them.

"I suspect there are many potential presidential candidates who are giving a new, elevated sense of evaluation," the Republican senator said. "I suspect most will come to decisions early next year."

That's his time frame, too.

"I will announce what I intend to do regarding my political future sometime early next year."

Thanks to Aaron for the heads up on the article.

Be sure to check out the post from earlier this week on what we can do now to help make a possible Hagel run at the White House possible.

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