Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post Election Analysis

2008 Presidential Forum provided one interesting take on the impact of the 2006 election results. Here are some excerpts:
Chuck Hagel is definitely an interesting choice now. Like Gingrich, he had a gravitas with the pro-business crowd. He appeals to intellectual conservatives and comes from a relatively Red state...However, a door has definitely swung open for Hagel, and if he makes the most of it, he can become a top candidate for the GOP. Dont be surprised if you seem him making the Fox News circuit repeatedly.


Dale Hedges said...

I don't see appearing on Fox as a plus. Chuck has the potential of carrying some democrats and independents as well as republicans. Alighning with Fox is not a plus.

Gabriel said...

After the Washington Post article yesterday, I would say Hagel has a chance of carrying a whole lot of Democrats and independents. I don't see how he survives the Republican primaries with his anti-war stance. Maybe run as an independent?