Wednesday, November 22, 2006

"More 2008 White House Contenders Ready to Pounce"

FOXNews has a piece on the 2008 race that had some interesting tidbits to it. Here is what I found most interesting:

Advisers for Hagel say he is likely to jump into the 2008 presidential race, although he has told supporters his decision will not be final until January. That decision, aides say, also is to include whether he would run for re-election to the Senate. His Senate term ends in 2008.

Hagel has said he will not "play coy" by filing first with an exploratory committee, but rather will say outright if he is running.

Hagel has not campaigned as aggressively as other Republican candidates like McCain or Romney, but has been clear about his presidential ambitions. For the election season that just ended, Hagel spent more time stumping for candidates than in any prior campaign, and has begun building support networks in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — the crucial primary states.

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