Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Today begins the 2008 race in earnest

Today the 2008 race for the White House kicks into high gear. There are lots of possible candidates that have expressed interest but have not declared their candidacy, but that will change soon.

The best person for the job, though, is U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska.

Chuck Hagel one of the Senate's most respected voices on foreign policy, something that will be critically important in the 2008 race. He has executive experience in the business world and an amazing resume. Senator Hagel is a veteran who fought bravely in Vietnam.

Senator Hagel is a fiscal and social conservative who can lead the Republican party back to its roots. He is a conservative with crossover appeal to independants and respected by many, regardless of political affiliation.

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1 comment:

Phil Smith said...

I firmly believe Senator Chuck Hagel is the best potential candidate for president in 2008.

I'm happy to have found this and other blogs dedicated to "spreading the word."