Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Get your Hagel 2008 buttons

Want a cool looking Chuck Hagel for President button like this one?

Our first ever "contest":
Each of the first five people that do the following three things will get one of these buttons from me in the mail (and anyone that does this will be added to the blogroll on this site).

1.) Post a blog post in support of Senator Hagel and
2.) include a link to this blog.
3.) Email me your name and address (so I know where to send the buton).

These buttons are part of the collection from Oval Office 2008 on CafePress. Check out their stuff, as any Hagel merchandise you buy will count towards the botton poll at Oval Office 2008. Remember, only the first five get buttons, but everyone that does this and lets me know about it will be added to the blogroll on this site.

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