Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas from the Draft Hagel movement

Merry Christmas everyone! There will be fewer posts over the holiday, but I'll try to post if anything significant happens.


Robert said...

I'm a die-hard democrat, but if Clinton gets the nomination, I will vote Hagel in a NY Minute! Hell, if anyone else but Obama gets the nomination, I'll vote Haglel. I really like CHuck and he has more cajones to stand up to the president than 80% of the dems. Good for Chuck. Vietnam War Vet, plenty of experience, moderate, and guts to denounce his vote for the Iraq war resolution. Chuck '08!

Anonymous said...

If this is what we have to vote for I can see the lowest turn out in recorded history so hey you may have a chance thier. GOD HELP US

Gonville Bromhead said...

I will support only Sen.Hagel or Webb for President,Them together would by my choice of a ticket, they also are being Swiftboated already by deadender "conservatives" at sites like which ensures my vote. Volunteer,Vietnam

Celtic Goddess said...

As long as the Democrats retained control of Congress, this died-in-blue-wool Democrat would enthusiastically campaign and vote for Senator Hagel. I cannot think of another politician with his integrity and basic decency.

Though I'm an ardent admirer of my Junior Senator here in Illinois, Hagel is my man. I trust him to follow the will of the country on social issues and, considering what Bush has done to the country, can embrace a fiscal conservative.

The idea of a ticket with Webb is VERY intriguing... One thing I do know: NO HILLARY!!!