Sunday, December 03, 2006

Video of this Morning's Face the Nation

You can catch the video of Senator Hagel's segment on this morning's Face the Nation here.


Dahlia said...

I watched the segment this morning and it was grrrrreat! All I could think is, I hope America is watching!

Mike's America said...

We're watching Dahlia... And it makes most of us more convinced that Hagel is the wrong man and in the wrong party.

Phil Simone said...

A substantial part of the Republican Bloc is now against this war in Iraq. You might be surprised.

If the pro-war R's split their votes among several candidates, then Hagel could pull off a victory as the only anti-Iraq war Republican candidate.

It's a long shot. It might work.

Anonymous said...

It's not about the war. It's about loyalty to the Party and the President. How else does one explain John McCain losing to a damn fool in 2000? It takes a very special candidate to beat the establishment. Since WWII, only Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan have done it. Hagel has the potential, but this Eisenhower crap isn't going to cut it.