Sunday, February 11, 2007

An article and a reminder

Don't forget to check out Draft Hagel 08, a site launched two days ago. Tell your friends about it and link to it from your webpages and blogs, please.

There's an article in today's Omaha World-Herald ("Hagel says U.S. will need moral purpose in a connected world") about Chuck Hagel's speech yesterday at William and Mary College. Check it out.


Reid said...

Also published by the Omaha paper, and linked to the article about the W&M speech, is this article about Vladimir Putin's address to the international security conference in Munich, Germany.

I don't trust Mr. Putin to be doing America any favors, but he is certainly giving us sound advice here, we ignore at our peril. I'm only sorry the Congressional "delegation" sent seems to be composed only of hawks like McCain and Lieberman, instead of our better representatives - men like Hagel, Webb, Ron Paul and Walter Jones.

Jen said...

Hi Charlie... your link in this post didn't work, just so ya know. The one below is fine. =)

Charlie said...

The link used to work and now does again. Thanks for letting me know about it.