Thursday, February 15, 2007

Three new speeches/statements

Chuck Hagel's Senate website has some new material up that's worth checking out:
"Hagel Floor Statement on Iraq War Resolution -- February 12, 2007"
"Hagel Floor Statement on Iraq War Resolution -- February 5, 2007"
"Hagel Charter Day Speech at the College of William and Mary"

Thanks to Andy for the tip.


mw said...

I posted a YouTube video of his Feb 12 Statement on the floor - linked here. It is also linked from my recent blog post "Hagel Calls BS on Hutchison and...".

jam137 said...

On tonight's episode of "Newshour with Jim Lehrer", Senator Hagel said that he will vote for cloture tomorrow on the Iraq resolution passed by the House today. He doesn't think that there will be 60 votes for cloture, but this should make for another interesting day on a wild ride forward.