Friday, February 09, 2007

Draft Hagel 08 website launched!

Today the Draft Hagel 08 website was launched. Check out the site and sign the petition.


Anonymous said...

As the wife of a military man who has friends in Iraq, Hagel has paid them the utmost disrespect. He disgusts me. In no way can I support his bid. Those who do not support the war, do not support the troops and are not patriots. In a post 9-11 world we need leaders not politicians who cater to far left and weak willed people who can't remember 3000 of their dead brothers and sisters and their nation being violated by hatefilled butchers. We need someone who can look at Jihadis whether they be Al Queda in Iraq, or here on our soil, who will bring down the thunder on their heads like W has. Hagel is too weak, and not willing to go the distance. We need Churchills not Carters.

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hagel is many things, above all, a patriot. I wonder how you can question the military support that Mr. Hagel has when Hagel still has shrapnel in his chest from Vietnam. Where was your Patriot, George Bush, then? Did he fight? Was his face ever lit on fire by a roadside bomb? Your "Churchill" is a coward.

Anonymous said...

Open Letter to the GOP 

Dear Republican Party: 

The GOP has become entirely too liberal for real conservatives. If things do not change, we will have no choice but to vote third party, perhaps Constitution Party. 

Regarding the 2008 election, the following candidates are completely unacceptable: John McCain, Rudolph Giuliani, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Sam Brownback, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, Condoleezza Rice, et al. They are all neocons, all support the third-world invasion of the United States, and thus all (at least in our eyes) are guilty of treason. 

Unless a candidate is chosen who is tough on immigration (like Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, Duncan Hunter), not only shall we leave the GOP, but we shall encourage others to leave as well. 

Along the lines of Russell Kirk, we support a traditional conservatism. We especially would like to address the following four points: 

- We oppose the third-world invasion of the United States, and want drastic reductions in both legal and illegal immigration, especially from the third world. 

- We oppose free trade, as conservatives historically have done. Our current trade deficit is horrendous, our economy fading, and our national sovereignty eroding away. 

- We oppose a liberal interventionist government and thus oppose the illegal neocon war in Iraq. The transformation of the Middle East to liberal democracy is Jacobin, not conservative. 

- We oppose the outrageous growth of the Federal government - at all 3 levels. We would like to see the majority federal programs and offices shut down, and for most governing authority to be returned to the states. 


Brian Watkins (Columbus, OH); David L. Hatfield (VA); Sara Jones Carter (St. Louis, MO); Kathryn Wills (Dayton, OH); Tony Downly (MO); Jim Shelton (Fallbrook, CA); B. J. Blackerby (Parkville, MO); Thor H. Asgardson (Oceanside, CA); John W Lillpop (San JOse, CA); Hal Washburn (Olalla, WA); James H. Campbell (Fountain Hills, AZ); Jonathan Grubbs (Sanford, FL); Kay Emery (Siloam Springs, AR); Gary Suydam (Kingwood, TX); Gregory Coates; Terry Graham (ID); Barbara Anderson (Portland, OR); Carol Derbis (Oceanside, CA); Royce Zook (Austin, TX); Susan Hoffmann (Aurora, IL); Brian Sears; BJ Marvin (Hermiston, OR); Diane Alden (Carrollton, GA); Hugh Bodey (OR); Carl Segvich (Chicago, IL); Eric La Grange; Tom Craighead (Lubbock,TX); Chris Duncan (Mt. Vernon, IL); Susan Trevino; Anothony Cicoria (FL); Carol Suits (Lewisville, TX); Paul & Michelle Klein (Des Plaines, IL); Roger Guran (Montery Park, CA); Mark Atkins (West Columbia, TX); Ingrid Nicholson (NH); Theodore C. Allen (Andewrson, CA); Ken Anderson (Millinocket, ME); Ray C. Lively (Spring Hill, FL); Ross L. Gillum (Snohomish, WA); Nedd Kareiva (Chicago, IL); Margaret Dalton (Philadelphia, PA); Pastor Roger Anghis; Paul Plasters (Rockford, IL); Jerry Kranendonk; Sally Davis (SD); Al Doyle; Thomas Porter (Myrtle Beach, SC); Mike Stiffler (Golden Valley, AZ); David K. Schumann (Reno, NV); Lauren Kim Frank (Valley Springs, CA); Burr V Deitz; Hank Coburn (Lennox, CA); Don R. Bingham (Lebanon, MO); Howard L. Wilson (Andover, NH); Karen Whalen (Phoenix, AZ); Jennive J. Ramsey (Florence, MS); Steven Latimer (Richmond, VA); Leon Donahue (Tacoma, WA); Shirely A. Jorgenson (Royal Oaks, CA); Alice Smith (Omak, WA); Howard L. Wilson; Nicole Venable (Yorkville, IL); Teri Harris (Hermiston, OR); Kevin Harris (Hermiston, OR); Mr. and Ms. Marcus Blitz (Youngstown, NY); Carl Clark (Mesa, AZ); Susan Trevino (Pasadena, TX); Roger Campbell (VA);