Saturday, February 03, 2007

Generate some buzz!

Here are a couple of more ways to generate some buzz on-line:

Vote for Hagel in the on-line poll at Oval Office 2008.

The Caucus Cooler has move Hagel up in their odds ranking, so please comment on that wise decision and tell them why he should be moved up even higher.


Anonymous said...

As a life-long Republican and Nebraska resident I will have a difficult time voting for Hagel for anything let alone Prez.

So far, based on the candidates that we know of Rudy would be my first choice, then Romney.
After that, McCain and then Hagel.

Anonymous said...

Your logic makes no sense, anonymous. Hagel is the most conservative Republican in the Senate.

Reid said...

I'm a bit concerned that Hagel is viewed as being so far behind in Iowa, which is a state where I thought he would be well known. But I guess we folks in North Carolina don't know that much about our neighbor states's senators either. I had the impression that Iowa should be one of the states where Republicans are inclined to a less beligerent, more internationally cooperative foreign policy and should be ripe to reject the Bush doctrine, particularly in confronting Iran. Romney, McCain, Giuliaini and Gingrich range from being hawks to flamers on this issue, and I don't see why they are doing so well in the Cooler polling.

ThatGayConservative said...

Mr. Hagel,

As long as you and any other "Republicans" side with liberals in playing political games with our soldiers, you will not recieve any votes from me. Nor will you or any other Republican group get any financial contributions from me.

Keep playing your games and siding with the liberals in the defeat of this country and see where it gets you.

andrew said...

The little I know of Hagel makes me like him---a lot. Unfortunately, he is a Republican, and voting for him would violate my rule of not voting for the Coward Party in the next 8 to 12 years.