Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another fan of Chuck Hagel

Check out Neil Slovak's post: Hagel, 2008. Please. He gives his support to Chuck Hagel from a Libertarian's perspective.

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Aakash said...

I think I saw your comment, perhaps at the Michigan Republican blogger's entry, where I posted a comment right after that one.

Yes, here it is. I assume that that was you, who commented before me, in that thread.

I wasn't aware of this weblog, to support Sen. Hagel's candidacy for President. (I actually now do remember reading about the possibility of a Hagel run in '08, which I included news links about, when I updated the top post at my "Antiwar Conservative" weblog.) Though I don't agree with some of his past acitons and stances, I admire the Senator's principle and independence, and willingness to go against the White House and Party line, when he feels that they are wrong.

On the issue of going to war with Iraq, they certainly were.