Wednesday, March 22, 2006

What they're saying in New Hampshire

Chuck Hagel is in New Hampshire and here are a few of the things that people there are saying about him:
“I thought he was terrific,” printing company owner Paul Lucy said after listening to Hagel address a breakfast hosted by the Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce.

“If we’re going to re-evaluate where we’re going, he may be the guy who can do it.”

Real estate developer Renee Riedel, who supported President George W. Bush over Sen. John McCain in New Hampshire’s 2000 presidential primary, said Hagel may be her candidate in 2008 if he decides to run.

“I love the whole package,” she said. “He gives me back belief in the Republican Party; he gives me hope. Before today, I wasn’t thinking of him, but now I am.”

From Hagel keeps busy on second day of N.H. swing

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