Thursday, March 23, 2006

Senator Hagel and President Bush

Chuck Hagel has a reputation as a mavrick. He speaks out on the issues where he disagrees with the White House. What many some conservatives miss, though, is when he also speaks out in support of the administration.

Year Hagel's Support of President Bush's Priorities in the Senate

2005 89%

2004 94%

2003 98%

2002 98%

2001 96%

Source: Congressional Quarterly, January 2006

To name just a couple of examples of his support of the President, Senator Hagel was one of the few Republicans that stood with the President on the UAE ports issue. Chuck Hagel supported the President on his tax cuts (many conservatives criticize John McCain for opposing those same tax cuts).

Note that the vast majority of the time, Senator Hagel supports the agenda of the Bush administration.

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copy editor said...

He spoke out forcefully on public radio in New Hampshire yesterday. I have the link on my morning post.