Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Numerology Analysis for 2008 Presidential Field

Today it's a post that's a bit out of the ordinary. While it's not really my thing, I thought that this was entertaining and the reading seemed positive for Chuck Hagel's prospects in 2008.

"Chuck Hagel (R), Senator from Nebraska
b. 10-4-1946 Life Path 7
Birth name: Charles Timothy Hagel, Destiny 11/2

This outspoken Life Path 7 definitely does his homework, his own thinking, writing, and talking, and he does it all with authority, knowledge, and experience. Hagel will be one of the least polarizing Republicans, having strong appeal inside the party, with Independents, and even with some Democrats. A persuasive Destiny 2 will help get the message across with gusto. A war hero, and an Iraq war critic, this moderate conservative is one to watch."

From Astrology-Numerology.com

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