Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Donate now!

The new official Hagel campaign website is up and running and can accept donations on-line. The donations go to his Senate campaign war chest, which can be directly transferred to a presidential campaign fund. Let’s build some momentum and get some money into Chuck Hagel’s campaign coffers. Please donate today at www.hagel08.com , even if it is just a little (though of course more is always better). Let's show America what kind of grassroots support Senator Hagel has.

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Tim said...

It's great to see that this is finally running in an official capacity, because honestly, Senator Hagel isn't going to get much monetary support from big time donors, as he's starting late and simply because of his stances. The people running his campaign really need to focus on the low level support and donations just like -- I hate to say it here ;) -- Dean did in '04. They should add the option to pay by PayPal and other easy to use methods for tiny donations (since some people don't like to pass around credit card info too much) and make a big deal out grassroots campaigning. I know there's a lot of support for the senator out there; I'm just afraid that if they try to stick with conventional methods and big names, they won't be able tap the support that's there.